talk to kids like they’re people and take full interest in what they’re saying because they’re forming their personalities and it’s really vital that they know that their opinions are important and what they have to say deserves validation and respect. so when your three year old niece tells you that dragons don’t like cupcakes because the color blue is a spoon you better nod your head and ask her to explain more about that. 



when i say i hate school it doesn’t mean i hate education and knowledge. it means that i hate selfish and ignorant people there. it means that i hate stress and high expectations. it means that i hate being treated like a shit. it fucking means that i hate feeling like a failure all the time. 



I normally am very happy and full of light and love but ever so often I get this kind of blind anger and hatred that just explodes out of every pore in my body and its followed by immense sadness and grief and this just reminds me that happiness is a state of mind not being and that I can always make the best of everything by just staying open :^)